Mary Bailey Head Start Parents Share Why They’re Thankful for Head Start during WOYC’s Thankful Thursday

Week of the Young Child’s (WOYC) celebration includes “Thankful Thursday” on April 15th, and after hearing why our Head Start parents are thankful for our program, we have to share what they had to say. These testimonials are all about our staff at Mary Bailey Head Start in Georgetown, Texas.

Shauna Bauer

“I learned about the Head Start program ten years ago when my twins were 4 years old. They are now 14. My husband and I received custody of my 1 year old niece and nephew in 2018. Because of the situation they came from , I knew that they would need extra help and support and I immediately thought about Head Start. My niece and nephew are now 4 years old and are currently attending the Mary Bailey Head Start in Georgetown. The teachers and
staff have been a huge contributor in helping my niece and nephew get to where they are today. They are patient, caring and very much involved in my children’s healing, learning, and social environment. They work with them every day and are always available to answer my questions or help in any way possible. I don’t think my kids would be as “whole” as they are today if it weren’t for their experiences at Head Start. I’m extremely thankful to the staff and teachers for being a constant encouragement for me and my children and for creating such a well-rounded, healthy, and safe environment for my babies to learn and heal. I will forever be thankful and grateful for this program and everyone who is a part of it at Mary Bailey Head Start.”

Tina Smart

“Since COVID-19 hit, I was so afraid and worried regarding how I was going to send my two adopted kids to school. After I found out that Mary Bailey started online classes, I was so excited and and very much relieved. I would like to give a few shout outs and thank you’s. First, thank you to Ms. Jen on her teaching and being very patient with my kids through these difficult times. Second, thank you to Gloria from Mary Bailey, who kept on sending me different kinds of assistance, like food, education IRS information, and much more. What other school does that? I felt like if there was a difficult situation that was affecting us, Gloria would right away be gladly able to direct me to the right source to get support for me and my family. I honestly think Mary Bailey has the right person. Gloria shows compassion in what she does. Third, my daughter started class at the school, and I noticed her teachers, Ms. LeAnn and Ms. Vikki, wanted to get my daughter going on her education level. They both look out for the best interest of my daughter. They didn’t waste any time. My daughter was always happy when going in to school and leaving from school. Lastly, I wanted thank Mary Bailey Head Start for their great team. They truly have compassion towards our kids and their families. I highly
recommend them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Maricela Bautista

“My experience with Mary Bailey is that they are very kind and very good people. They are always attentive to the students. They also support one as a parent for whatever they need.”

At OWBC, we are incredibly thankful for the work that our Head Start sites carry out every week of the year, but especially during this special week! Week of the Young Child encourages us to celebrate our teachers, our kiddos, and their families – and we are certainly thankful for that.