WHO Ladies of Sun City Raise $71,361 for Meals on Wheels in Georgetown

The “WHO Ladies” of Sun City, otherwise known as, Women Helping Others, completed their 11th Annual Fundraiser for our Meals on Wheels program on October 26th. These women have banded together for over a decade to support our Meals on Wheels in Georgetown. The WHO Ladies help raise funds for several local non-profits, and we are grateful to be one of them.

This year, the WHO Ladies of Sun City raised a total of $36,361 for our Meals on Wheels center in Georgetown. These women partnered with St. David’s Foundation, who generously matched up to $35,000 in funds this year! With the partnership of the WHO Ladies and St. David’s Foundation, a total of $71,361 was raised.

Our Meals on Wheels Director, Carrie Berry, said, “The WHO Ladies are always amazing to work with, their support continues to provide for the seniors of Georgetown. This year’s contributions will be used to help to supplement the increasing cost of food, provide new insulated delivery bags, and to update various kitchen equipment to keep the kitchens sharp and effective. Thank you, WHO Ladies!”

We can not thank the WHO Ladies of Sun City and the St. David Foundation enough for their contributions and dedication to our Meals on Wheels program. Not only do these individuals contribute monetarily but they volunteer to deliver meals to our clients as well. This support is essential to keep our program going. If you wish to volunteer for our Meals on Wheels program, please fill out our application here.