Since 1968, local community action agencies have been required to have tripartite governing boards to gain and retain designation as eligible entities receive Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funding. Our board is one-third democratically selected representatives of the low income community, one-third local elected officials (or their representatives), and the remaining members are from major groups and interests in the community.

Our board is responsible for assuring we continue to assess and respond to causes and conditions of poverty in Williamson and Burnet Counties, achieve anticipated family and community outcomes, and remain administratively and fiscally sound.

Board Members

  • Kelly Dix, Chair – Burnet County
  • Fernando Albornoz, Vice-Chair – Burnet County
  • Terry Cook, Williamson County Commissioner, Pct. 1. – Williamson County
  • Mark Tummons, Secretary, Williamson County
  • Frank Reilly, Executive Committee Member at Large, Burnet County
  • Susan Doyle – Burnet County
  • Lorraine Brady – Williamson County
  • Londa Chandler – Burnet County
  • Michael Sprott – Williamson County
  • Donna Shaw – Burnet County
  • Tracy Waters – Williamson County
  • Elaine Sullivan – Williamson County
  • Kyshara Jenkins – Williamson County