Volunteer Spotlight: Round Rock Meals on Wheels Volunteer

Our December and January Volunteer Spotlight have been combined into one special spotlight. Please meet the latest Volunteer Spotlight, Cynthia Wasserboehr. Cyndi volunteers out of the Alan R. Baca Senior Center in Round Rock. Often times, she even invites her grandchildren and their friends to lend a helping hand, which makes giving back all the more special.  

Some days, Cyndi has helpers when it comes to Meals on Wheels packing and deliveries. Before the holiday, she invited her husband, grandchildren, and their friend to help pack up the holiday meals for seniors in the Round Rock area.

Q: How long have you been delivering Meals on Wheels?

A: I have been volunteering with Meals on Wheels for about two years.

Q: Why did you decide to volunteer for Meals on Wheels?

A: As a retired Registered Nurse, I felt the void of speaking and having contact with my patients and their families.

Q: Why do you think Meals on Wheels is important for seniors living on their own?

A: Meals on Wheels has such a vital role with our seniors, both psychologically providing human contact and a well balanced meal.

Q: What is your favorite part about volunteering for Meals on Wheels?

A: It gives me great pleasure when my grandchildren come with me. Once the client hears them or sees their faces, they start to engage with them and have the biggest smile on their face.

Q: What would you tell someone interested in donating to or volunteering for Meals on Wheels?

A: I would tell someone its a great way to give back to the senior community because who knows, we just all might need to see a friendly face each day.

Thank you for all you have done for Meals on Wheels over the last two years, Cyndi. We appreciate your volunteerism and your ability to give back to those in need.