WHO Ladies of Sun City Raise Funds for Meals on Wheels

Every year, Women Helping Others (WHO) of Sun City traditionally hold an in-person fundraising event to raise funds for our Meals on Wheels program.

This fundraiser came into existence due to a large Meals on Wheels waiting list in 2012, where many Sun City senior neighbors needed assistance. Women Helping Others rallied and organized, hosting a fundraiser to help out during a time of need, and eventually, this fundraiser became the annual event it is today.

In fact, 2020 marks the ninth year that this WHO fundraiser has been held. Due to COVID-19, the traditional in-person fundraising event was not possible. The WHO Ladies instead opted for a virtual fundraiser–truly the first of its kind. All other OWBC in-person fundraisers have been canceled, so this fundraiser has been the first opportunity to raise money for one of our causes virtually.

Despite the challenges of transitioning from an in-person to an online giving platform, the WHO Ladies of Sun City were able to raise $35,711.30 on their own, while also earning matching funds of $30,000 through St. David’s Foundation.

With the support of Sun City residents and donors and the matching funds from St. David’s, the WHO Ladies have helped us raise $65,711.30 for our Meals on Wheels program, far surpassing our $50,000 goal.

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We cannot thank our development team and our WHO Ladies of Sun City enough for working tirelessly to raise funds for our senior neighbors in need. We also send special thanks to OWBC board member, Nina Stancil, who has worked to spread awareness for this fundraiser in Sun City and has been integral to its success year after year.