COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Community, Staff, Students and Parents:

Opportunities for Williamson and Burnet Counties (OWBC) is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy environment for all employees and those we serve. Currently, we are diligently working with our funding partners and programs to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are constantly monitoring the information coming from local health officials, school district leadership, and local government entities.  OWBC will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide operational updates as necessary.   Please know that the situation is very fluid and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we may need to put contingency practices in place. Please continue to monitor our website for any changes in daily operations. Clients, students, parents, and staff are urged to remain vigilant in their efforts to stay healthy.

Thank you for your cooperation as we ensure everyone is safe and healthy.