Year-End Giving Campaign Raises Over $24,000

Every November and December, our agency works to increase awareness for our mission across Williamson and Burnet Counties as we launch our year-end giving campaign. For 2021, we decided to make our year-end giving campaign an unrestricted fundraiser, meaning that funds raised could be allocated wherever they were needed most.

Our monetary donation goal for this campaign started at $12,000, but we later increased the goal to $25,000 as we saw generosity thrive through online donations.

The year-end giving campaign kicked off with our Annual Ask mailer, which was mailed to our entire donor list, community partners, and board of director members in mid-November.

With the excitement and engagement from Giving Tuesday on November 30th, our campaign saw significant success online. As a global generosity movement, we were able to raise over $5,000 on Giving Tuesday alone, a tremendous accomplishment compared to about $1,000 raised in 2020.

In addition to monetary gifts, we also initiated our first-ever Head Start Book & Toy Drive for this campaign. With the support of community partners like United Way of Williamson County, Blue Santa, Southwestern University, Hutto Chamber of Commerce, and TrustTexas Bank (loan office), we collected hundreds of books and toys so that all of our Head Start children would be able to take a book and toy home for the holidays.

This year, our year-end giving message was simple.

Empower children, families, and seniors in your own community.

Campaign Message:

Health, independence, and dignity are basic human rights. Yet thousands of our neighbors experience the loss of at least one of these. As your Community Action Agency, we work to fulfill these needs every day for children, families, and seniors in our community.


  • Prepares children for school so they can become successful community members.
  • Provides job skills to those looking for employment and transitions families out of poverty.
  • Delivers a hot, nutritious meal and wellness check to an isolated senior.

As 2022 has begun and 2021 has come to a close, we are thrilled to announce that although we did not hit the $25,000 mark, we raised $24,005 thanks to the generosity of 97 donors. This is the first year we have had so much donor diversity and such engagement online! We cannot thank our staff, board of directors, community partners, and community members enough for helping us reach this wonderful accomplishment.

With $24,005, we can do so much good in our community. We can feed more homebound seniors, provide additional resources for our Head Start centers, and offer the support necessary to transition more families out of poverty.

Thank you!